Meet the founder

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Lanita Patton is a women's empowerment enthusiast, avid dancer and speaker.

She created First Impressions to unite and empower generations of women through dance and movement—to foster a safe and noncompetitive space where amazing changemakers, innovators and magical women can exude confidence unapologetically, embrace their individuality and empower each other. Her mission through First Impressions is to increase awareness of the importance of physical and mental wellness identifying healthy ways for women to combat external pressures and stress.

Lanita wants every woman and girl who joins her tribe to take their sense of renewed self-confidence and communal support from the dance floor with them into every aspect of their lives because there will always be someone who needs uplifting and there is enough room for us all to thrive and be PHENOMENAL.

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Check out this awesome TED Talk on the importance of body language.

Past partners

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